Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

The aim of Gray’s Farm Friends is to deliver the best environmental, cost effective and sustainable agricultural services to farmers and all other Departments requiring their services whilst providing a safe workplace for our employees.

At Gray’s Farm Friends the management is committed to ensuring all employees are safe from injuries and risks to health while they are at work. This is done through systematically identifying and eliminating or controlling, all hazards and risks to the health and safety of employees. The employer and employees work together to ensure Gray’s Farm Friends is a safe workplace.

Gray’s Farm Friends understand that the health, safety & welfare of our employee’s , customers and the public in general are a major priority and realise that it is our responsibility, where possible , to ensure the best way’s of undertaking these tasks with minimal to no risk.

The way that we endeavour to ensure safety in the workplace and environment are as follows:

  • Providing and maintaining plant and equipment safety e.g. Ensuring plant is free of chemical contamination.
  • Providing a safe working system eg. Proper chemical handling, mixing and application.
  • Providing High Visibility Uniforms to Employee’s displaying the Company’s name and Christian name of that employee.
  • Providing checklist and records which cover daily, weekly maintenance
  • Eg, Accident/ incident, chemical log, plant and equipment with work area safety etc.
  • Providing effective measures to control hazards and risks.
  • Providing suitable facilities for employee’s welfare.
  • Providing guided and professional assistance for training and instruction by supervisors, to aid employees in safe work practices, with all weed spray operators being licensed with Department of Primary Industry.
  • Communication within the company and between customers and the public to best maintain these objectives e.g. Communication with organic farmers, field manager etc.
  • All accidents, incidents, near misses or potential hazards are reported to the field manager who deals with the issue directly by him or brings it to the attention of the Director.

All Gray’s Farm Friends employees are aware of their responsibilities to ensure smooth operation, minimise potential hazards in the workplace and reduce risk to the environment and public. Keeping records of areas treated and chemicals used responsible care of chemical application, personal safety and consideration for all outside work areas.

Anthony and Tammy Gray
Directors – Gray’s Farm Friends